Birmingham Lions Club

Serving the community of Birmingham, Michigan since 1928

Who We Support

Leader Dogs For The Blind

Founded in 1939 by Lions Club members, Charles Nutting, Don Schuur and S.A. Dodge, Leader Dogs has successfully matched and graduated over 13,000 person / dog teams since its inception. The dream of these men became vision and

                                                                                  independence for thousands. 

Penrickton Center for Blind Children

Penrickton Center for Blind Children is a unique, private non-profit agency, providing five-day residential, day care, and consultation/evaluation services to blind, multi-disabled children ages one through twelve. Each program is individually designed to promote independence in all aspects of daily living. Penrickton Center utilizes its experience and expertise to train and serve families, children and professionals through support services, education and advocacy.

Beaumont Silent Children's Fund

Beaumont's Center for Childhood Speech and Language Disorders was established in 1972 to help children with speech and language disorders learn to communicate. As one of the largest hospital-based children's speech and language centers in the United States, they provide a variety of specialty care programs for children with speech and language disorders such as: 

 Developmental Aspasia                Developmental Dyspraxia                Articulation Disorders

 Pragmatic Disorders                      Stuttering                                           Down Syndrome

 Receptive Language Disorders   Expressive Language Disorders    Developmental Apraxia

Michigan Eye Bank and Transplant Center

The Michigan Eye-Bank was organized in 1957 as a joint project of the Ann Arbor Host Lions Club and the University of Michigan Medical Center. After many years of support by a group of dedicated Lions Clubs, the Eye-Bank was accepted as a State Project of the Michigan

                                                                        Lions in 1971.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The primary objective of the Lions program is to reduce the number of new cases of blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy through diabetes education, early detection and treatment, and support of research. Lions are especially encouraged to conduct awareness activities during the month of November--Lions Diabetes Education Month.

Bear Lake Youth Camp For the Visually Impaired

The Lions Club's Bear Lake Camp has found a permanent home in Lapeer. The camp has moved three times since it was started in 1982 in Franklin. It moved to Altman, then to Oxford and finally to Lapeer. The camp can house up to 160 children and welcomes children who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, cancer patients and those with juvenile diabetes.  They aspire to provide a premiere outdoor recreational/educational facility providing opportunities for people of special needs to enhance self-worth, attain independence, acquire social skills and  realize their full potential as human beings.

Recycled for Sight

Used eyeglasses that are collected by Lions and other volunteers are recycled at one of ten Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers throughout the world.  The used eyeglasses are cleaned, repaired and classified by prescription.  The eyeglasses are then distributed to those in need by Lion volunteers and other organizations hosting optical missions in developing countries.

Please donate your used  eyeglasses, and hearing aids at:

Birmingham City Hall

Bloomfield Twp. Library

West Bloomfield Twp. Library

Michigan All-State Band

Each year from 1948 to 1977, a high school band was selected to represent the Lions of Michigan in the annual parade at their international convention.  In 1978, an all-state band was organized to honor and play for an incoming Lions International President from Michigan.  The Lions All State Band was created and has appeared annually at conventions thereafter.

Madonna: Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Since it's inception in 1976, Madonna University's Office of Disability Resources (O.D.R.) has assisted more than one thousand (1000) students with disabilities.  The O.D.R. employs four full-time employees who work as a team to create the best possible learning environment for students with disabilities. They are sensitive to the needs of individual students and are also fluent in American Sign Language.

Lions Hearing Center of Michigan

The Lions Hearing Center of Michigan is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide comprehensive, state of the art hearing related services to individuals and communities through screening, diagnosis, treatment, education and research, regardless of the ability to pay.

Project Kidsight

Project Kidsight is a free vision screening program for children from ages six months to five years that local Lions Club volunteers conduct periodically throughout the year.

Lions of Michigan Service Foundation

The Lions of Michigan Service Foundation (Lions of Michigan Foundation) is a Public Charity that was created in the early 1980's to help Michigan Lions Clubs provide services in their communities.  We are dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life of people in Michigan with unmet needs.

We work together with our member Lions Clubs and other charities to deliver services aimed at helping children and adults with sight and hearing

                                            deficiencies excel in school, retain employment and maintain self-


Lions Sight First

Lions Clubs International Foundation’s SightFirst program funds the efforts of Lions, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and others to fight the major causes of preventable and reversible blindness through the support of eye health care delivery systems, training and infrastructure development.

Lions Club International Foundation

Lions Club International Foundation supports the compassionate humanitarian service of 1.35 million Lions in 207 countries and geographic areas by providing grant funding and developing programs that improve lives around the world.

The Community House

The Community House in Birmingham is a nonprofit that helps strengthen communities by providing education, cultural and wellness programs, & scholarships to improve people's personal and professional lives.

In The Park Summer Concert Series

Birmingham's 33rd annual In the Park Concert series will take place in the beautiful Shain Park next summer! The free concert series offers an opportunity to sit among the trees while enjoying beautiful music on warm summer evenings. Concerts span a diverse range of genres appealing to all ages. Bring your entire family along for an unforgettable summer evening tradition! Download the event flier today.

Crossroads for Youth Summer Camp

Crossroads for Youth is a private, nonprofit treatment agency that serves at-risk children and youth. Since 1953 we have helped young people and their families from all walks of life. The heart of our mission is the belief that every child deserves a chance.

Birmingham Area Seniors Coordinating Council

Birmingham Area Senior Coordinating Council and Center is for active adults 50+. BASCC has been offering programs and services for over 35 years. Programs offered include creative arts, computer classes, cards and games, fitness and sports and health and travel opportunities. Also there are outreach services that allow older adults to live independently including information & referral, transportation services, nutrition support and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why These Charities?

In 1925, Helen Keller attended 

the Lions Clubs International Convention and challenged Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness."

The Lions accepted her challenge and our work ever since has included sight programs aimed at preventable blindness.

We also focus on serving our community and other worthy causes especially those directed at youths.

Will you help my charity?

As you can see we try to reach out to as many charities as possible.  Yet, while we would love to be able to help with all the important local and global issues, we know that just is not feasible. In order to try and make the biggest impact we can with the resources we have available, we choose to focus on a limited number of projects and programs.

Having said that, we are always open to hearing about your cause, and doing the best we can.  A good way to present information about your charity is by being a speaker at one of our meetings.  Find out more here! 

I really want to support one of your causes, what can I do to help?

We would love to have you help in any way that you can! We are always looking for more members. You can find out more about getting involved here!

If you joining isn't possible for you, but you still want to help we can always use donations to help fund all of the important projects we have going. You can get more information about donating by contacting us here.

When do you meet?

We meet Wednesdays at 12:10 in The Community House located               at 380 South Bates Street, Birmingham. We would love to have you stop by and check us out!  If you want to find out more about the meeting beforehand, you can reach us here.

Are there any restrictions on who can join your group?

We have members from all different walks of life, and we are always looking for more people to help.  We don't have specific requirements for membership, and we love to add people to the cause.

While we want as many people to join as possible, we do ask that you are truly committed to our cause.  If this sounds like a good fit for you, then come to a meeting - we would love to meet you!

What is expected of a new member?

Your level of involvement depends on you, your available time, work schedule, family commitment, etc. People are different and so is their involvement. Some are eager to jump right in and others wish to take a back seat for a while. All that is really expected is that you do your fair share and find your level of involvement

Why should I join?

Gain personal satisfaction and self-esteem in helping others less fortunate in the largest volunteer organization in the world. Gain fellowship and friendship between members, families and the community. Gain confidence, expand your abilities, and learn from doing.